To cater to the needs of the growing student body at the Yale University it was prudent that the university comes up with a central online system where all information can be accessed with ease. To serve this purpose Yale has offered the services of Yale Webmail Login account that is under the security of many types of SSL Security Softwares.

About Yale

Yale University is an Ivy League private research institute in the United States of America in the state of New Haven, Connecticut. Yale caters to more than 12,000 students that comprise of more than 5,400 undergraduate students and the rest of them being postgraduate students.

Step by Step Yale Webmail Login Procedure

Now for a successful access procedure for the Yale Webmail Login account you must keep following the step by step guide given beneath for your convenience:

  1. First click open the web link that is as follows
  2. This is that URL that will open up the official page for Yale Webmail Login account
  3. On the page that will open up you will see a title saying “Webmail Portal” that would be highlighted in blue. Under the heading would be three columns.
  4. Take your cursor to the third column and press the option that says “Log into Yale Connect Mail (Office 365)
  5. Now on the page that will open up locate a white window on the left side where you must enter your Yale Webmail Login email ID and the password.
  6. Then click “Sign In” to finish access the Yale Webmail Login account.

In case you cannot remember your Yale Webmail Login password you must take the help by clicking the link that says “Can’t access your account?” It will ask you a series of verification related questions which if you answer correctly the website will recover your Yale Webmail Login credentials.

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