Chad Laurans came up with a genius idea in hope to change the face of the dangerous world when he launched the project “My Simplisafe” because he worked with the belief “being safe should be simple”. To make his slogan true he founded a system that can be self-installed after being purchased online from the Simplisafe website at

Moreover, its system is entirely wireless and can be customized by making it even simpler to be installed anywhere in an apartment, office or a building!

About My Simplisafe

My Simplisafe was established by Chad Laurans and is a system that was put in recommendation by The New York Times, NBC, FOX News and Fortune. My Simplisafe allows you to keep your home safe and secure and have eliminated the hectic long contract culture that alarm and security companies have developed for thousands of dollars!

Step by Step Process to Create an Account at My Simplisafe

Now if you want to make your home safe then access My Simplisafe by creating an account first which you can do if you follow all the steps stated below for your convenience:

  1. Open your web browser after you have made an internet connection and visit this URL in its address bar.
  2. Then place your cursor on the menu displayed to access the drop-down list where “My Account” will be written.
  3. You must click on “Create an Account”.
  4. This will direct you to My Simplisafe Login page.
  5. Once that opens up click on the option “Register (new customers)”
  6. Now provide your Email ID and choose a Password.
  7. Your password must be between 6-30 characters, should have no spaces, and must be comprised of one uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and any number.
  8. Now that the registration is done, come back to the main page and enter your Email and Password.
  9. Then hit “Login”.

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