Say goodbye to the tiresome days when you had to keep running from one clinic to another in search for a second or maybe even a third opinion from the best doctors in town. Now My First Health is an online platform that has made searching for the perfect doctor a hassle free job online.

About My First Health Network

My First Health Network gives detail about the best doctor nearest to you and also suggests the best treatment plan according to your symptoms. My First Health also gives reliable information as to which hospital and center would provide the respective treatment.

When you provide the symptoms of your condition My First Health Network will generate a list of all the doctors with their qualifications ahead who have previously treated your condition. This will assist you in making a coherent and logical decision for yourself. Hence this network is that one online platform which allows you to make wise decisions regarding your health at

The Step by Step Process for using My First Health services online

Thoroughly read and follow all the steps given below to easily use the My First Health network:

  1. Since it is an online based service so it definitely requires a device in which internet connection can be enabled.
  2. Then click this link to open the My First Health network page
  3. You will have a choice of using the website in either English or Spanish to complete your search.
  4. If you wish to take Spanish click ‘Espanol’ option given at the top right side of the page.
  5. Now type in the ZIP code or simply select the country or City in which you reside.
  6. You can also narrow down your search by typing in any of the following details such as; the title of the health center, details of your condition or the designation of the special doctor you are looking for.
  7. Then hit the “Go” button given in green to complete My First Health network search.

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