In order to get latest updates and announcements from your university access the My FSU Webmail Login at

About FSU Webmail

If you are admitted into any of the undergrad or post grad program at the Florida State University then you can easily access My FSU Webmail Login. It is an online service of the university which lets the students and faculties register courses, view grades, see university announcements and stay in touch with Alumni and Retirees.

What is access procedure for the My FSU Webmail Login?

So if you wish to ease up your hectic university life then follow the guide given below to access My FSU Webmail Login:

  1. On your device that has an internet connection established open the given ahead web link which is
  2. The page that you have accessed will ask you if you are an alumni or a student at FSU.
  3. Then type in your registered FSU ID in the assigned slot and the password in the next slot
  4. Now hit the “Sign In” button to access the My FSU Webmail Login Portal.
  5. Then choose the option of office 365 if you are from the faculty, a retiree or hold any other staff position.
  6. Type in your FSU ID in the given field and password in the next.
  7. Hit the Sign In button to proceed ahead and access the account.

How to reset your My FSU Webmail Login Password?

In case you cannot recall or remember the My FSU Webmail Login Password no need to create a panic simply follow the guide below:

  1. You must click open the following link which is as follows
  2. Then on the page type in your FSU ID in the assigned slot.
  3. Carefully go through all the terms and conditions displayed.
  4. Then hit the Submit button to reset a new My FSU Webmail Login password.

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