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  1. Terms

    Each time you visit Login Site, you would be held by all the Terms of Use that have been stated by Login Site and other laws and regulations in addition to these terms that may be applied in a given case. Each visitor of Login Site will take responsibility to abiding by any other legal laws and rules which in this case may be applicable to Login Site.  In the event that you have any limitations or restrictions in committing to these rules, your access to Login Site will be restricted or in some cases completely withheld. It should also be noted that all the images, content and links posted on Login Site are protected by copyright bindings.

    License of Use

    1. To each user of Login Site permission to download any content can only be granted once and that also only on a temporary basis that the downloaded information will solely be used for personal reasons and not for any commercial purposes such as public use. This is indeed in no way an entitlement of any license but under these terms, you will not be allowed to perform any of the following stated activities:
  • You must not modify the downloaded content or material of Login Site
  • You must not use the information in any public place or with the intention of commercial use
  • You cannot remove or delete any logos or trademarks from Login Site content
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  • You cannot view in a mirror setting any of the content of Login Site on a secondary server
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    All of the content and material of Login Site has been compiled according to the services offered by the companies of concern. However, Login Site in no way can be held liable by any of the warranties neither will abide to any extra warranties that or which may be applied or by the warranties that are proposed for a particular purpose in case of non-compliance with the rights of intellectual properties. Login Site also doesn’t promise to conform to complete accuracy of the content neither will make any predictions of future outcomes or give warranties for the material or content being absolutely accurate and valid.


    Login Site and any of its third party sites cannot be held liable if any of the material is destructed or is inaccurate which includes change in dates, changes to earned profits or any other type of digital loss which may have resulted by the utilization of the website’s content or any other restriction that you may face while making use of the content at Login Site even under the condition that Login Site or any of its parties has been informed in writing or in verbal form for any destruction to the content.

    Revisions in the Content

    All of the content and material or some of it may contain many technical errors in the images or the writing. However, Login Site cannot be held accountable if any of the published content has any such error since no claim for a complete accuracy has been made. Login Site makes changes to its content every now and then and without any notification or announcement but Login Site will also not commit to update its content on regularly.

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