Privacy Policy


Login Site promises to uphold to its responsibility of preserving and protecting the privacy of any of the personal information that will be collected from the user solely by their own discretion. This privacy policy is adapted from the original policy for privacy that is proposed by Automattic (, which gives a blueprint of the process by which the personal information will be handled, the one that you would provide when you choose to visit our website. It is advised that you carefully read through the privacy policy.

Website Visitors

Login Site follows the guideline of known operators and does not collect that information which may be personal or easily identifiable, this includes the data which Internet Service Providers and various web browsers provide to certain websites such as the type and kind of web browser, type of language, sites of reference and the date or time of visit to Login Site. The only intent for assembling this data is to more clearly comprehend of how each visitor may choose to use the content on Login Site.

Assembling of Personally-Identifying Information

Certain visitors and users of Login Site would choose a kind of communication style which would make it imperative for Login Site to assemble their personally identifying data. However, the characteristic of that data which will be assembled by Login Site would completely be reliant upon the kind of information that the visitor would choose to use.

Protection of Certain Personally-Identifying Information

Login Site might opt to share the collected personal information or the information that may be potentially personally identifiable only to its own team, other organizations that are officially linked and some contractors who:

  1. Need such data if they are organizing it for Login Site itself or to provide services that may be written on Login Site
  2. The information will only be shared with those contractors that have agreed in a signed document that they would never share this information with other parties.


All of the advertisements that may be seen on Login Site will be accessible to the visitors by the signed partners of the particular advertisements who will also be given access to the visitor’s cookies. Such collection of cookies will permit the advertiser in recognizing the user’s device in use each time the advertiser will connect online to gather information related to the user or others who may use the user’s advice.

Links to Third Party Sites

This privacy policy will only be applied to the data that will be gathered by Login Site and will not be under any circumstance be applied to the terms or services of the third party websites which are not owned by Login Site or by any of the Login Site’s employees. All of the third party websites and any kind of data that you would choose to give these third parties will solely be held according to the terms of the particular websites in concern considering they have any. We would strongly advise all the users to go through the privacy policies of those websites.


Login Site has certain secure servers which have a highly restricted access where all the personally identifying, potentially personally identifying data will be kept safe.