NMCI is the short form for Navy/Marine Corps Intranet which can be accessed by authorized personal through the NCMI Webmail Login account. The webmail account has a highly restricted access that is only available to the people working in the Department of NMCI.

It is that platform where everyone can stay in touch with each other using the Webmail services in addition to sharing documents as well. The NMCI Webmail Login account is highly protected and will result in prosecution in case of any illegal access.

Step by Step Guide to access NMCI Webmail Login Account

Now read through and follow in a stepwise fashion the process to access the NMCI Webmail Login Account:

  1. First you should have a stable internet access on your device that maybe a laptop, desktop or cell phone.
  2. Also you should know how to use the Microsoft Outlook Web Access online. You can learn Microsoft Outlook through NMCI Homeport.
  3. Then open the Outlook Web Access using USN Links.
  4. The alternate procedure to login is using EWTGLANT from NADSUSEA domain.
  5. You should clear up all the SSL State from your installed web browser to access the web related pages of NMCI Webmail Login account.
  6. You should also ensure that a tick mark is placed on the checkbox of TLS 1.0.
  7. You should also have a clear CAC reader or you can access it via https://militarycac.com/owa.htm.
  8. All that you need to know about CAC will be given on the web link itself
  9. Once the CAC is tested after you open the web link and you will receive a copy the Domain link to access the official page for NMCI Webmail Login Account.
  10. Then copy and paste this link in the address bar of your web browser.
  11. On the page that will now open up you must type in the user’s PIN to access the NMCI Webmail Login Account

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