If you wish to protect the investment you hold most dear, your home, then you have come to the right place where you can avail for yourself a service contract for the reparation of any malfunctioning home appliance.

About HSA Home Warranty

HSA is a home warranty products and service provider for homeowners and real estate partners. The company was set up in 1984 and is based in Cross Plains, Wisconsin.

HSA Home Warranty Login Procedure

To get a service contract from HSA Home Warranty, all you have to do is log in to the site. Outlined below is an accessible guide to the HSA Home Warranty login procedure:

  1. Launch your web browser and go to the HSA Home Warranty site. To go to the site, visit the following URL: myhomewarranty.com
  2. The URL will lead you to the HSA Home Warranty login page
  3. Enter your login details in the email and password fields
  4. Click the grey “Log In” button to proceed

HSA Home Warranty Sign Up Procedure

If you don’t already own an HSA Home Warranty account, you can easily set up one by following the guidelines listed below:

  1. Follow step 1 and 2 mentioned under the “HSA Home Warranty Login Procedure”
  2. Once you’re on the login page, you will see a “Register Now to use your online account”. Click on the option to access the sign up form
  3. Enter all the required details such as your property zip code and your personal information
  4. Create a username and password

HSA Home Warranty Password Recovery Procedure

If you have forgotten your HSA Home Warranty password, then all you have to do is follow the steps described below to retrieve your password:

  1. Follow step 1 and 2 mentioned under the “HSA Home Warranty Login Procedure”
  2. Click on the “Forgot Password?” option
  3. Provide the email address linked to your account and click “Submit”. Your password recovery instructions will be emailed to you. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

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