Health is a substance of life that is fleeting; the one who is completely fit at one point in time is also the one who suffers a terrible change in health the next. There are many incidents, organisms etc that can physically affect an individual in form of an injury or a disease but we fail to keep a track of them. Hence it is imperative that we keep a check on our health.

Given the fact that there are numerous insurance policies around the globe offered by many faceless corporations but the one that will serve you the best in My Team Care!

How to Access My Team Care

Now if you wish to know your credentials related to health then access My Team Care by following all the steps given below:

  1. Now open the link as given ahead
  2. You web browser will then open up the official My Team Care page for you
  3. Now that you are a fresh user you must make a registration by hitting the link that says “Register/Create an Account”.
  4. Then select one of the following categories that describe you the best: Participants, Employers, Providers and Local Unions.
  5. Go through all the rules and legal terms and when you are done click “I Agree”.
  6. Now give a verification of your registered Member ID and move ahead to give all your personal information that comprise of your relationship status, complete name, birth date, security number- only 4 digits, and ZIP code.
  7. Solve the shown captcha and hit “Next”.
  8. Now that you have created your My Team Care Account you can access it by entering your username and password.

About My Team Care

My Team Care is accessed by almost 500,000 members because it offers the most detailed and well developed insurance plan that can be made use of at

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