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Requirements to Access the BMCC Blackboard Login

Thinking about signing in to your BMCC account? Keep a few things in mind before you start attempting o sign in. First of all, only students of BMCC can sign in to their accounts to access classes and more. Secondly, connect to a Wi-Fi network that gives you strong signals so you can sign in easily. Finally, remember that you can sign in using any devices, such as a computer.

Benefits of using the BMCC Blackboard Login

Open up the website for the BMCC Blackboard at http://www.bmcc.cuny.edu/elearning for some addition benefits featured on the web page.

  • The website can be used to access modules by clikcing the link ‘Blackboard Modules’.
  • In addition to this, the website also features an announcements and discussion board section.
  • Finally, if you need help while submitting an assignment or using the Blackboard system, click the appropriate link to go to the technical support.

Guidelines to access the BMCC Blackboard Login

This procedure can be used to access your BMCC Blackboard account.

  • Use your computer to go to the following link: http://www.bmcc.cuny.edu/elearning
  • On the left side of the web page, look through the headings until you see the link ‘Blackboard’.
  • Click this link.
  • The blue button labelled as ‘Blackboard Login’ takes you to the next page.
  • Sign in using the username for your CUNYfirst account, as well as your CUNYfirst password.

About the Borough of Manhattan Community College

The Borough of Manhattan Community College is a college that operates under the City University of New York system. Founded in 1963, BMCC currently has more than 26,000 enrolled students.

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