ACMS is the abbreviation for Academic Computing and Media Services and the ACMS Webmail Login account is the place where all students stay connected with each other and their professors at one online platform. The webmail service can be used as a communication source where documents can be shared amongst students.

The ACMS Webmail Login account can be used to contact instructors and other staff members in addition to viewing all important announcements such as fee bills, exam schedule and other such even related information.

Step by Step Guide to access the online ACMS Webmail Login Account

Now when you want to access the ACMS Webmail Login Account you can easily do so by following the step by step guideline given below:

  1. You must connect your laptop to any internet access that you may have nearby.
  2. Then open the web link as following
  3. On the page that will open up you will find few empty slots on the top left corner where you must enter your ACMS Webmail Login username and password.
  4. These login credentials will be provided to you by the University itself.
  5. You must also type the name of the server in its assigned space.
  6. Then press the “Login” button to gain a successful access to your account.

In case you cannot recall your ACMS Webmail Login username or password no need to worry. For forgotten username:

  • Click the option that says “Forgot Username” at the top left side of the page.
  • On the next page that opens up enter the following:
  • Your Last Name
  • Student PID
  • Then click the “Submit” button to retrieve your ACMS Webmail Login username.

For forgotten ACMS Webmail Login password:

  • Click the link that says “Reset your Password”
  • On the next page that opens up enter the following:
  • Account username
  • Student ID
  • Then click the “Continue” button to reset your ACMS Webmail Login password.

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